Beauty Has Many Faces


Women’s faces, men’s faces, wide faces, narrow faces, amazed faces, smiling faces. Diverse faces with diverse styles. They are all so different, yet so similar. And everyone wants to be young and beautiful.

Eti Hillel – Advanced Medical Cosmetics, located  in Modi'in, Israel  – invites you to experience the entire spectrum of beauty, from your feet to your head: pedicure and manicure, hair removal, and beauty, facial, and skin treatments including anti-acne, pigmentation, anti-aging, peeling, make-up and more.

We offer you the most advanced methods and techniques, which have proved themselves over time, alongside the use of the highest quality products. In this way, we have distinguished ourselves as leaders and innovators in the field of cosmetics. At the same time, we strive every day to create an intimate and experiential atmosphere and to provide uncompromising service to every client.

Our focus on care and beauty is apparent in all that we do, and you’ll see the final result in the mirror.
 Now is the time to call: 054-2477022. Treat yourself to a few beautiful and relaxing moments.


Once you come here, your smile will never leave your face.



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